How to delete or remove mobile devices connected to Exchange Activesync List

Trick to delete or remove mobile device connected to exchange activesync.

Using Exchange OWA:

1. Login to your account using exchange owa
2. Goto Options > See All Options…
3. Select Phone. The Mobile Phones tab show a list of all exchange activesyncdevices connected to your account.
4. Select the device you want to remove and click Delete.


From Exchange server cmdlets:

Get-ActiveSyncDevice -ResultSize unlimited | Get-ActiveSyncDeviceStatistics | where {$_.LastSyncAttemptTime -lt (get-date).adddays(-60)} | out-gridview

It will show device list older than 60 days.

Get-ActiveSyncDevice -ResultSize unlimited| Get-ActiveSyncDeviceStatistics | where {$_.LastSyncAttemptTime -lt (get-date).adddays(-365)} | select-object guid | Out-File C:\Temp\list.txt

It will export device GUID that need to be delete.

Get-Content .\list.txt | Get-ActiveSyncDevice | Remove-ActiveSyncDevice

Once you have list for device to delete, run above code to delete / remove devices.


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