Free ebook: Rethinking Enterprise Storage: A Hybrid Cloud Model


Rethinking Enterprise Storage

This eBook consists of 120 pages which includes 7 detailed chapters on the following topics:

  • Chapter 1  Rethinking enterprise storage
  • Chapter 2  Leapfrogging backup with cloud snapshots
  • Chapter 3  Accelerating and broadening disaster recovery protection
  • Chapter 4  Taming the capacity monster
  • Chapter 5  Archiving data with the hybrid cloud
  • Chapter 6  Putting all the pieces together
  • Chapter 7  Imagining the possibilities with hybrid cloud storage

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Exchange Server 2013 Architecture Poster PDF Download

Exchange Server 2013 Architecture Poster PDF Download


Downloadable PDF version of the Exchange Server 2013 Architecture Poster.

This poster highlights the significantly updated and modernized architecture in Exchange 2013, and highlights the new technologies in Exchange 2013, such as Managed Availability, the new storage and high availability features, and integration with SharePoint and Lync.  In addition, it illustrates the new transport architecture in Exchange 2013.

We welcome your feedback on the poster.  If you have any, please feel free to send it to

Scott Schnoll

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Wiki Article by MYousufAli was included in TNWiki Article Spotlight on Tuesday – TNWiki Article Spotlight!

Tuesday – TNWiki Article Spotlight!

Wiki article I published last year was among this week’s highlighted articles in the TNWiki Article Spotlight post series on the WikiNinjas – Official Blog of TechNet Wiki! Thanks for the nominating my article on WikiNinjas blog.

You can read the WikiNinjas post here – TNWiki Article Spotlight – Step-by-Step Guide for Setting Up Windows Server 2012 Domain Controller.

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