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50 Useful tools and utilities

Free Monitoring Tools.

  1. Sysinternals Suite
  2. Windows Debugger (WinDbg.exe)
  3. Mobile PC Monitor – Monitoring tool with smartphone app
  4. ControlUp – Real-time monitoring and remote administration
  5. EventSentry Light – Real-time event log monitoring
  6. Network Monitor – A free network protocol analyzer
  7. SpeedFan – CPU and hard disk temperature monitoring
  8. Server Configuration Change Reporter – Automated server auditing
  9. ExInsight – Monitoring and statistics for Microsoft Exchange
  10. Process Monitor – View file system, registry, and network activity
  11. AD Tidy – Identify last logged on user and computer accounts
  12. EndPointScan – Scan your network for devices
  13. HealthMonitor – Monitor 60 different system states
  14. Veeam ONE Free Edition – Real-time Hyper-V and VMware monitoring
  15. The Dude – Map networks and monitor services
  16. Live Maps for Microsoft Operations Manager
  17. PacketTrap pt360 ToolSuite – network management
  18. NTop-XTRA – Shows network usage
  19. EMCO Ping Monitor Free
  20. Servers Alive – A Monitoring tool
  21. Winrpe – Nrpe for Windows
  22. Verax NMS – Network and application monitoring
  23. Top Users Expert – Analyze bandwidth consumption with Network Monitor
  24. Spiceworks – Network Monitoring and Help Desk software
  25. TCPView – displays active TCP and UDP connections
  26. Simple Search – An extension for Microsoft Network Monitor
  27. Blackbird auditor express – Real-time Active Directory change monitoring
  28. NetWrix Disk Space Monitor
  29. SolarWinds VM Monitor – Get X-Ray insight into your ESX Servers
  30. Bad Application – Test application crashes
  31. GFI WebMonitor – Web filtering for ISA Server
  32. NetWrix Services Monitor – Restart failing Windows services
  33. Nagwin – Nagios for Windows
  34. Spotlight on Windows – Monitor Windows servers
  35. NetWorx – Network traffic monitor and network usage reporting
  36. SolarWinds Real-Time Bandwidth Monitor
  37. FREEping – Quick and dirty monitoring
  38. TCP Analyzer – Statistical Analysis of TCP connections in Network Monitor
  39. SolarWinds Exchange Monitor
  40. Total Network Monitor – A sophisticated network monitoring software
  41. Real Temp – Another CPU temperature measuring program
  42. SolarWinds WMI Monitor – Windows server monitoring tool
  43. DreamSys Server Monitor – Easy server monitoring
  44. fs guard – Monitor services and directories
  45. EVT LogParser – A Windows event log parser
  46. Karen’s ‘Net Monitor – Website, mail, and ping monitoring
  47. SuperbarMonitor – Monitor CPU, disk, and memory usage in the Windows 7 taskbar
  48. NetWrix Event Log Manager Freeware Edition
  49. Free Windows Error Reporting (WER) viewing tool – AppCrashView
  50. FrameFlow – Web-based Windows monitoring

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