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Microsoft Account Lockout and Management Tools for AD

ALTools.exe is the free tool from Microsoft to help administrators to troubleshoot account related problems in the Active Directory.

The Account Lockout and Management Tools can be downloaded from Microsoft Download Link. We can install these tools on a workstation, domain controller or on any member server.

ALTools includes below 7 add-ons having their own role. Let’s see how these add-ons can help administrators in troubleshooting.

  1. Accinfo.dll will create an additional tab, called Additional Account info, in the Active Directory Users and Computers console. This tab can be used to check user details, like logon, password details, bad password counts, logon counts etc.
  2. ALockout.dll creates a log file for troubleshooting lockout problems by determining which process or application is sending wrong credentials. Microsoft recommends DONOT use this tool on servers hosting services or applications (including Exchange Servers).
  3. ALoInfo.exe displays user’s information, like account names and their expiry and password age.
  4. EnableKerbLogs.vbs allows Kerberos to log on to all clients running Windows 2000 and later.
  5. EventCombMT.exe collects event logs from different machines and stores them to one central location.
  6. LockoutStaus.exe display the list of all domain controllers involved in account lockout.
  7. NLParse.exe extracts and display entries from the Netlogon log files.

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